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Our team mixes tastes, skills, perspectives and experiences to present new ways to build your brand and tell your story. We’ll look at the big picture but work on the small details that make your brand distinctive. Using research, analysis, insights and our experience of working with many leading brands, we will work with you to develop the best strategy to communicate who you are and what makes you special. We’ll then bring this all to life by mixing digital, direct, ambient, out-of-home and experiential activities to deliver an integrated campaign that packs a dynamic, creative punch.


Our team is a mixture of experienced designers, photographers and CGI specialists.

Combining their creativity and skill-sets result in showstopping animation that takes a fraction of the time, compared to its ‘real-life’ equivalent.

Once we have built your models, fabrics and roomsets in 3D, creating lifelike animation is the easy part.

There is no need for location scouts, expensive camera equipment, drone licenses… just Orbital’s Unreal Creatives and our Studio.


With decades of camera experience, our team can capture your brand on film. Whether for advertising, corporate videos or social media content. Our videographers will bring your idea to life.

On site filming and editing packages are available.

This film is the story of Warwick fabrics, and follows their product from warehouse to customer.

In a socially distanced climate, why not film your sales pitches to send out to clients where you would normally meet them face to face.

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Video Editing

Our skills don’t end at filming and animations. If you have footage or rendered animations that you need transformed into a story, we’re here to help.

If you have a plan for constant video content, we can even set up your equipment on site, so you can film yourselves, and send us the footage to edit.

The beauty of having your videography produced at a CGI based agency, is that we can even incorporate your 3D assets, as animation, into your videos.

Have a snoop on our vimeo account to see our latest work.

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CGI Fabrics

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