Founded 150 years ago, Warner is one of the biggest names in British Textiles.

During its 150th anniversary year, Warner was bought by Lee and Emma Clarke and reborn as Warner House. The retailer approached us with a huge and intricate concept in mind. Offering furniture, fabrics, wallpapers and paints, Warner House wanted their online imagery to double as an automated bespoke design service. The solution was to create their products in CGI to create an infinite number of lifestyle images and the ability to pair any combination of products, tailored to the individual customer. Along with a brand new website built to house tens of thousands of images - over 40,000 to be exact, they called on Orbital’s Unreal Creatives.

More Than


Rendered Images

Over 13,000 lifestyle images, combining fabrics, wallpapers & paints.

Warner House were committed to offering every visual possible to their end-user to make online sales as easy as possible. Our team built 14 different rooms to show every possible combination of products. The result was over 13,000 lifestyle images which included thousands of bespoke combinations curated by collaborating with Warner House stylists. Combining all of their products meant that a customer can click on any single product and see photoshoot quality imagery as if on location, with the added bonus of interior styling recommendations. Not only to help budding designers, but also to upsell their other products.

Renamed, compressed & delivered straight to the web.

Having a library of 3D assets for all of their products allows Warner House to update their website imagery at any time. When launching new collections, it is quick, easy and affordable for us to produce new imagery which fit seamlessly into their website. Without a location shoot in sight. Last but not least, our team provided over 40,000 images and uploaded them straight to the new site. We renamed every file according to the needs of the developers and compressed every image to exact requirements. A full-service project, with stunning results.

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