3D Visualisation

In an increasingly digital-driven world, it’s vital that you offer the best imagery and digital experience – Orbital do just that. Our CGI work empowers manufacturers and retailers to present their entire portfolios within a bespoke 3D environment, enabling consumers to customise their selections with different fabrics and finishes before purchasing through an integrated e-commerce solution. We believe this is exactly what the trade needs to stand out online.

Using CGI is also about converting furniture ranges into 3D objects to use in room sets. Once converted, these shapes no longer need photographing again in their lifetime, and can be wrapped and installed into 3D room sets. This has numerous advantages over traditional photography. The supplier can present their whole range without having to make a product, pay or wait for any photography. The cost-saving potential is huge, and thanks to the powerful rendering we’re capable of, the realism offered by Orbital is indistinguishable from the real thing.

Rather than being a one-use promotional tool, like a photoshoot, it’s infinitely flexible. For example, retailers can quickly manipulate room sets to support seasonal campaigns with minimal further investment.

For commerce retailers requiring engaging imagery, there’s a further advantage to this approach. Models which are tailor-made by the customer do not benefit from the same consumer protection as mass-produced lines, so the risk of returns is reduced. And it is not just fabrics and upholstery which can benefit from CGI – curtains, lighting, rugs, beds and even cabinet furniture can be recreated by the Orbital engine.

Product Building

The future is virtually here. With our smart new product mapping tech we can create your entire catalogue in 3D, making your products virtually ready for the future.

Capture your shapes once, no need for further photography for the lifespan of the product and use it with an infinite choice of angles, covers and room sets.

Fabric Wrapping

Bring your catalogue to life with our fabric wrapping service. Our clever solution brings all your products, fabrics and finishes together in true likeness.

The power to explore your full range of options, however complicated, in a simple to use solution. Animate your catalogue – you will never have seen your range in this way before – it’s really cool.

Simple, flexible and believable for now and the future.

Room-set Creation

Say cheerio to traditional location photography. 3D visualisation gives you the ultimate flexibility to create the perfect, photo-quality scene for your next promotional assets. Design your dream setting, add your chosen 3D rendered products, choose your fabrics and decorations and publish.

Update with ease – got a new fabric, new product or want to change colours for a seasonal promotion? Want to market test a new direction? You have the tools to hand without going back to location for re-shoot.

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